We are a innovative, driven, Atlanta based production team exploring the most
effective ways to tell stories that will change business and cultures the world over.



All of our departments are constantly learning and growing in order to provide personal and professional production and creative content to accompany our philosophy that building a relationship with our clients is the only way to give them the specific, unique, and cohesive services they need.


With an emphasis on storytelling, our video production team creates inspiring and relatable content that facilitates all the production needs of any client, recording artist, company or organization.


Our design and development team
is always working to stay ahead of trends and methods to keep your image fresh and unique to fit your personality
and brand


We have a collective of the most talented photographers in Atlanta with unique styles and personalities so you can choose the right one for you.

  • "They have heart and guts and that's why I love working together. They are not scared of trying something new or out of the box, and that's the kind of team that I need around me."

    -Daniel Bashta, Integrity Music Recording Artist

  • "It's hard to decide which to celebrate when it comes to Southern Lights: The quality of their work, or the joy it is to work with them. Incredible guys, unbeatable work ethic, and an absolute blast. Can't recommend them highly enough."

    -Aaron Keyes, Kingsway Music UK Recording Artist

  • Genius creativity, on time, top notch quality. They took a simple idea & blew our minds. They made us look better than we are. Can't wait until our next project together.

    -Cody Deese Founder of LeadNext, Inc.

  • "The team at SLP were able to take my vision and make it a reality down to the finest details. I think that's what everyone is searching and hoping for in a media production company."

    -Ashley Dasher, Dashboards LLC

  • "I love working with SLP! They are clever, innovative, resourceful, and have an eye you can really trust. They have a “can do” attitude, and are a creative force when it comes to getting a job done and getting it done right! You are sure to be pleased with the experience and the result!
    I highly recommend SLP!"

    -Anthony Skinner, singer songwriter



If you like what we've done so far, you're going to love what we're about to do.

Southern Lights Productions provides a dynamic range of video production services. Dedicated to the creation of visual content, from pre production to post production, they're able to use the medium of video to create memorable works for a vast range of clientele.

Pursuing relationships with clients, musicians, companies, boutiques, ministries and non-profits, we have been apart of telling the stories of many people. We strive to provide a fresh and unique perspective of everyone's stories and present them to the world. Below are some of our favorite adventures in storytelling with some of our favorite people. The future only holds more limitless possibilities to share stories that are worth telling.

SLP's insight into creative video production is helping worship leaders all around the world.

-John Hartley, Music Producer



Southern Lights Productions is an innovative company of young creatives that offer
a personalized and professional experience for all digital media content needs.

Our talented directors and production staff, rooted in solid production and relational values, allows us develop projects that connect with audiences emotionally and intellectually.

Our video production work ranges from promotional videos, corporate commercials, music videos, live concert production, event recap and behind the scene projects, online media content, and narrative short features.

Our designers and developers provide comprehensive brand and design solutions for a wide range of clientele.

We focus on positioning our clients designs to accurately, uniquely, and memorably communicate their points of differentiation to sell their product and/or service. We strive to create and communicate the story of our clients through a wide range of unique, relevant, and interactive designs.

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Production Styling
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Makeup and Wardrobe
  • Logo Development
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography


Director, Creative Director, Co-Founder
When you meet Drew you are automatically on his team and he's on yours; and He can't help but do everything in his power to work for the success of everyone on his team. He's been directing people his whole adult life, but only two years ago did he start doing it from behind a camera.


Director, Operations Manager, Co-Founder
Since 2005 Thomas has been playing with cameras and video of every shape, size, and price. What sets Thomas apart from other directors is his passion for getting to the root of who someone is.
He left a Masters program in Professional Counseling to pursue a life of merging both the truth within people and how that can effect and encourage the world.


Design and Web Development
Finishing his degree in Graphic Design at GSU Kody is one of the hardest working designers in Atlanta. He is dedicated to innovating designs that put shape to the personality of every client..... even when he has an 8am class to get to.


Production Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Consultant
Lauren is experienced with air brush and traditional make up styles. The first time Lauren volunteered to style a video,
the guys were so blown away by the transformation by a few simple decisions from Lauren that the begged her to come be a part of the team. And she's been making us look good ever since.


Producer, Production Manager
Jordan has the unique ability to make
you wonder how you ever lived without him before he came into your life.
The value he adds to a project in being one of the most versatile people on the team is priceless..... and so is his
Gangam Style dancing.


Design and Web Development
Brett graduated From BGSU with a degree in Visual Communication and Technology Education. He currently has a full time gig working for Design & Image, a 41 year old boutique design firm in Denver, Colorado. He brings fresh perspective and experience to our design team.



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For all pricing and project information please contact us at any time and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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